Greg Demcy Town Talk

Hi Everyone! It's Greg Demcy here, coming to you from my PBS television series, The Man about Town. If you are familiar with my show, you will know that I have covered off many businesses found in local communities, just like yours, in an effort to promote a local business support movement.This has been a very successful venture for me and I have found it to be very satisfying. I have met a lot of local business owners personally and had an opportunity to learn who they are, what they do, and why they do it.Each one has a different story and different motivation for what they do. But one thing that they have in common is to be present and contributing to the communities in which they operate and live. Anyway that I and my team can support them, we intend to do just that.

You Asked For It!

So, the creation of this web page is to put some of my favorite companies and businesses on the map! The virtual map called the internet. I have had a few requests from some of our viewers about past stories that we have delivered. "What was the name of that company you recommended back in January? The one that does the custom tiling?" Hey, I get it! You don't normally sit down to catch an episode with pen and paper ready to jot down details that are aired!
The thought came to mind, during a team production meeting, that we should be documenting some of these businesses somewhere. Thus, the birth of the idea of creating a webpage for viewers to come back to and get info about these businesses. And this will further support the local markets! Brilliant idea!!
So, here's our plan. We are going to update this page with references to different businesses we have come across in your communities. Come back often to see what has been added since your last visit.
And let's support the local business owner, living in your community, who in turn is helping to support you!

Let's Get this Going!

First up, and in no particular order...You may recall our episode featuring a tile installation company, heavy into doing some awesome custom tile installations for local restaurants. These guys are really good at what they do and are so very committed to delivering something art worthy, as focus points in restaurants. You will find there work in restaurants such as Mojo's Kitchen, Devine Lane, Restinau, and LaBohem. Tile Installation Edmonton is very capable of tackling your tiling project, regardless of the size or complexity. Have other types of Flooring Installation in Edmonton in mind? Reach out to Befloored Flooring! They have just the right solution for your project!We really, really enjoyed our time spent with this business owner. She really showed us that just because her world revolves around numbers and statements, she is everything but dull! With so much energy and a real love for life in general, Lysa P really does a great job of balancing work and pleasure. And her company, offering bookkeeping services is professional, accurate, and trustworthy. Get her working for you yesterday!When it comes to concrete and it's application, these commercial concrete contractors know their stuff! This team of highly skilled contractors bring so much to the jobsite. With so many years of experience behind them, you know that they will get the job done right, on budget, and to a level of quality that will really be a bonus to your overall project. Besides that, these guys are so involved in their communities, it really warms the heart! From actively being involved in many different charity drives to making pretty darn good collective donations to worthy causes, they deserve a heart felt Thank You for all you do!These guys are moving and hauling, and hauling and moving! They almost never stand still! Being very active in the Edmonton Junk Removal arena, you may have already seen them or used them in the past. Remember when they took me on for the day as a loader? That was exhausting! But it definitely gave me a lot of appreciation for the hard work they do in moving and recycling unwanted items for people. It's a hard way to earn a living, but they do it with a smile on their face and a quick joke to lighten the burden!Who doesn't love a baby! Tiny feet and tiny little fingers! Such a bundle of joy! But pregnancy can bring a lot of concerns and fears with it. It takes the right kind of person, who is compassionate, understanding, and has the knowledge to bring to an expectant mother, to help her along the way during her journey to motherhood. And can also support her partner as well. The team of Edmonton doula care providers we encountered were so very nurturing and kind hearted, it almost made me want to have more kids. Almost...When I walk into this shop, I am greeted with the soft scent of fragrance from all of the beautiful flowers, waiting for inclusion in the stunning bouquets and arrangements that are going out to happy recipients. This flower shop is busy day in and day out with flower delivery and customers picking up their arrangements. Graham and Lane Florists have been going strong for 40+ years and the owner would slap me for attempting to age him! When you come in for a visit, ask to speak to Nathan - he is such a funny, friendly fellow! And the creativity that he and his team bring to flower arrangements make this the best flower shop in town! Absolutely stunning and the quality of blooms cannot be beat.Paint Brushes and Paint Cans may be the main tools of the trade for this company but there is more than that to their success. Knowledge. Being able to provide insight and advise on every project for their clients is what really sets these Edmonton Painters apart from their competition. These guys are professionals. You can trust them to provide the desired finished product. Because they will not settle for anything that is subpar. Tons of projects done in the commercial business community make them a great fit for your next major project. And let's not forget about the residential community as well. They have had their brush strokes on many a show home. And even if you just have questions, the team at Painters Enterprise are always willing to share their information with you.Epoxy can be a super tricky compound to try and apply yourself. That stuff is not very forgiving if you make an error. That's why, if you are looking to create a stunning floor or feature that has epoxy coatings applied, trust someone who has expertise in it's application. Garage flooring, when coated with epoxy, can take your simple garage to the next level! We have seen, first hand, some of the exceptional garages that PE Coatings has done the application of epoxy on. And they are stunning! It's like having your own show room for your vehicle. The reason that they turn out so well is because these guys really know epoxy. And they know exactly what to do to ensure you get the results needed. When you think about it, apply epoxy is almost an art form. And these guys, they are artists!Ok, got another one for you guys! We have Capt Clean Window Cleaning and More! Yeah, there's more to this company than meets the eye! I am sure there are a ton of window cleaners near you. But how do they clean window? I know! It's not rocket science! Or is it? This particular window cleaning and pressure washing company uses a scientific approach to cleaning clients windows. They use purified water. Not normal tap water, full of pollutants that end up on your windows. They filter the water they use with the aim to produce pure water that will leave your windows streak free and spotless. They really are a great bunch of guys and super dedicated to providing this service to all, while protecting the environment as they do it. Hats off to you, fellas!Every now and again we are all faced with unpleasant situations. This company is dedicated to delivering it's clients out of these situations, with dignity and respect. This company is Professional Pest Management, and they specialize in Bed Bug Extermination. I know, this isn't something that anyone really wants to discuss. You might rather just jump right over this piece. But the reality is we don't ever go looking for bed bug exterminators unless we are in the midst of an uncomfortable situation of having them. It isn't something you browse around for and try to save their info for later. No, you need help now and these guys are the specialists for Edmonton Bed Bug Removal! You call, they come running. And they are so good at their customer care, they get rave reviews. It's a job that nobody hopes they get to do, but when these pests are present - they don't stand a chance against their proven treatments!The beauty industry continues to find more and more ways to enhance our appearances. Which is great for many people who feel they need additional help. Many people turn to cosmetic treatments to help them with their confidence. This is important for both sexes. No discrimination found here! The trend now is to look for some permanent or semi permanent treatments that make it just that much easier for us to look our best. That's why there is a growing number of studios opening up that offer cosmetic tattooing in Edmonton. Studio Vanassa is one of them. This is a very trendy, comfortable studio that offers a wide selection of different cosmetic treatments. Ombre Brows, Nano Brows, Lip Blush Tattooing, Tooth Gems, and even Freckle Enhancements are on the menu of services offered. As well as that, they can offer you paramedical tattooing, to reduce the appearance of scars or stretch marks. The team over at Studio Vanassa are licensed technicians and you are in good hands when you come to them for all your cosmetic and paramedical tattooing, which is important.

So What Do You Think?

Got any suggestions for us? Would you like to hear more about a particular business in your area? We are all ears! Reach out to us and we will be happy to hear from you!!