Boogle Me

6 Jul

It’s Boogle time! Thanks to MommyW for hosting this meme. I only came up with a few words. This week is kind of hard….lol! Me Thursday


Bathroom Supplies & Accesories

5 Jul

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This is a perfect place to get bathroom cabinets as well. They have HiB Alata High Gloss White Cabinets and Hib Bari Grey Cecor Cabinets. You can choose the Width, Features, Fitting and Finish. They have a list of a lot of different brands you can choose from such as Kudos, Lefroy Brooks and Myson.

This is a great website to get all of your accessories that you need for your bathrooms. You can get a Capadoccia Towel Warmer and a Type Radiator from this website and many other accessories. So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a great place to get all of your bathroom needs, you need to checkout Fairfield

Nostalgia: College Diploma

1 Jul

It’s another fun Thursday once again! It’s Nostalgia time. Thanks to sis Rose for creating this nostalgic meme. My entry for this week is my College Diploma.

This is not the original diploma. The original one is in the Philippines. My mom won’t allow me to bring the original one. She said, “It’s my pride and joy to hang it on my wall, so don’t take it. I paid for that!” Whoaaaaa..shame on me! lol…..:) Well, the smart thing I did was I made a copy for it! She can keep the original…lol!

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