Make Your Own Pillow Case

21 Mar

Spring time once again! This year I am planning to make new pillow cases. I also would like to redo our bedroom. A spring theme maybe. Sewing project that is easy and fun to do is to make a pillowcase. Even if you’re new to sewing or have years of experience, you will enjoy making a pillowcase in many different fabrics and material designs. Handmade pillowcases are also wonderful gifts for all occasions. The following directions are for a set of two pillowcases.

Decide on the pillowcase size that you want to make, and purchase the fabric and matching thread.

Step 2
Measure and cut the correct amount of fabric for the size pillowcase you are making. See “Tips” for the size fabric pieces you’ll need for your pillowcase project.

Step 3
Fold the fabric piece in half lengthwise, with the finished side of the fabric on the inside. You will now have a long piece of folded fabric.

Step 4
Sew the fabric together along the long side and on one of the short ends. Turn the pillowcase so the right side is now facing out.

Step 5
Use a zigzag or serge stitch around the entire open end of the fabric to stop the edges from fraying. Make sure not to sew the top of the pillowcase closed.

Step 6
Make a ½-inch hem on the open side of the pillowcase, by folding the fabric down toward the inside of the pillowcase. Iron the hem flat and sew a straight stitch to keep the hem in place.

Step 7
Pin a four-inch hem that you have folded down toward the inside of the pillowcase. Sew around the bottom edge of the pillowcase, using top stitching, which is also called a straight stitch. Add lace or satin ribbon over the hem stitching if desired.

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