Fun Family Entertainment

4 May

Guest post written by my friend Alex Freeson

With all the drama and violence on local tv, it is such a reward to be able to order a movie on Direct tv when you want to watch it.

I also appreciate family shows. One of my all time favorite movies was up for an Oscar this year. It was the animated movie “Up”. It was so endearing to see an animated story that also had a real message to pass along to the viewers.

I even dropped a few tears. It was a beautiful story about how one can get very caught “Up” in the crazy journey of life, trying to obtain things you THINK are important. When in the end, it really was the small things that made one’s life special and unforgettable. The older man thought he had let his deceased wife down, but as he found out…she really had everything she had ever wanted. Along the way of this message, were stunning and colorful animations of balloons, funny and mystical animals and birds, and a very cute boy scout that had a never say die attitude. His personality was like a pet dog that is always their when you come home, and they love you every day no matter what.

These are the kinds of movies the movie industry needs to keep on making. I will always pay for a movie of this caliber, before I ever care to see one more movie with blown up cars, bombed out buildings, or dead shot up bodies.

I wonder how long it will take for the movie industry to get this. Simple things–that is where the real and honest joy is.

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