A Vacation in Virginia

7 May

This is guest posted by Ted Walker

Last year my husband and I took my parents to Williamsburg, Virginia. Once we got our dog ready for the kennel, we set the security alarm system from securitychoice.com that we’d just had installed and left for vacation.

Since my parents live in another part of the state, we decided to meet them in Winchester, Virginia. From there, my parents followed us the rest of the way to Williamsburg. When we arrived at the beautiful Powhatan Plantation, were we were staying, we quickly checked in.

Everyone was tired, from the trip so we decided to spend the evening relaxing in our condo.

The next morning we cooked breakfast and talked about our plans for the day. We decided that we would drive down to the maritime museum in Newport News, Virginia. This museum was amazing. There is a really great replica of a submarine at the museum. We enjoyed walking around the replica, because it make us feel like we were on a real submarine. After spending the day wondering through the museum, we decided to look in the gift shop. My dad got a cute t-shirt with a submarine on it and I got a Christmas ordainment.

The following day we decided to go shopping in Yorktown. Yorktown has a these great little shops that are located along the beautiful York River. My mom and I were excited, because the first shop we stopped in had Vera Bradley purses. We quickly talked our husbands into buying us new purses and moved on to the next store. After shopping for awhile, we decided to stop for ice cream. By the end of the day we had bags full of gifts and souvenirs.

The rest of the vacation was filled with more shopping and sightseeing. It was so much fun visiting all the historical sites in the area. We took the last two days of vacation just to relax. We spent most of the time just relaxing by the pool. Everyone was sad that the vacation had to come to an end, but we are already planning our next vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia.

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