My Favorite Coupon Sites

7 May

I started saving money long before the economy started to go downhill. It’s hard to imagine the person who does not want to save money on all of his purchases. I was reluctant to try the Internet coupon sites at first, but I found out ways to have fun and get Amazon gift cards, coupons for my favorite stores, and occasionally get free stuff from filling out online surveys or other items.

One of my favorite sites to get free coupons and Amazon gift certificates is Winster. It lets you relieve some of the stress of the day and earn points. Sure, it takes a while to build up a significant amount of points before you can cash out a gift card, but if you will be playing the games anyway it does not hurt. In the same vein is the MSN live games section. Players can earn points to earn a predetermined series of prizes. The prizes in the earlier days are better than they are now, but players can still earn free magazine subscriptions and a copy of Windows 7.

If you are looking for a site that offers coupons and rebates, MyPoints is probably one of the best out there. As the name suggests, you earn a series of points that you can redeem towards coupons and rebates. The site occasionally offers surveys that earn participants samples of free product.

I have to admit that all of this was slow before I found out that high-speed Internet was available even where I live. I do all of my coupon searches and playing casual games for free items while using hughes internet service. I did not regret saying goodbye to the slow speeds of dial-up and now my family and I can enjoy some of our favorite products at a reasonable rate. As long as you are surfing on Satellite Internet, do not forget to check the websites of your favorite stores for bargains.

This is a guest post written by my friend Amy Adamson

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