The Wizard of Oz

21 May

Thanks for guest posting, Katie Evans!

The other night I was sitting at home with my 2 daughters. We were trying to find something to watch. We ended up finding The Wizard of Oz on cable TV that I got from to watch. This is a classic and I was so glad to share it with my children. They enjoyed every minute of it.

Dorothy is played by Judy Garlandin this movie. She wears a blue and white gingham dress with her hair in braided pigtails. It starts out in black and white. It does move to color soon so don’t get bored with it. Her house is picked up by a tornado and she ends up in a magical place called Oz. There are munchkins and a wicked witch. Her house lands on the witch killing her. This makes the munchkins very happy.

Dorothy wants to go home and so she is told to follow the yellow brick road to find her way to the wizard who will help her. She has her adorable dog Toto with her in a picnic basket. She meets a scarecrow, cowardly lion, and tin man along her way. They go along with her to meet the wizard. The scarecrow is in need of a brain. The cowardly lion hopes to find some courage and the tin man needs a heart.

Once the reach the wizard, he is able to assist them in getting what they have wanted all along. Dorothy taps her ruby slippers together and ends up going back home. This movie is wonderful and a must see for all children. It honestly is one of the best movies ever made.

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