Home Cooking

25 May

Written by Roger Fuller

I love soup. It has sustained me for years. I have learned from my travels no matter how scary the restaurant looks, you can always order the soup because at least it was boiled right? But seriously, I love soup. So when my girlfriend wanted to try the Vietnamese place near her parent’s house in Hayward I asked if they had soup. Well, it’s called Mr. Pho and pho means soup in Vietnamese so what do you think?

Our neighborhood in Berkley has a few Vietnamese places but nothing special. So when she got home from work, we set the ADT Security alarm, hopped in the car and drove across the bay. Man, what a great idea! The food was cheap and delicious. Yes, you may have guessed that I did indeed get the soup. But my girl is special. The place is called Mr. Pho or Mr. Soup and so she got a rice plate! Go figure. My wonton, egg noodle soup was so tasty the broth overwhelmed my senses before it even reached my mouth. Oh and the wontons were shrimp and pork…Mmm. My girlfriend got a grilled pork chop, egg roll, two fried chicken wings, salad and rice. The whole meal was less than 20 bucks…wow.

I will definitely be eating here the next time I find myself across the bay. I even told my girl I will feign illness to skip her mom’s sub par Filipino food cooking just so I can save some room for Mr. Pho. I get some flashing eyes but screw it. The soup is THAT good.

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