Syfy’s Ghost Hunters is Gripping

28 May

This is a post by Blair McKesson

I started watching the show Ghost Hunters a couple of years ago after finding nothing on TV during a relatively slow Sunday afternoon. The SyFy channel was running a marathon of the best episodes in anticipation of Halloween which was only a few weeks away. I was already on a scary movie kick and was intrigued by the idea of the show, and with a day of nothing to do, I decided to give it a shot.

Long story short, I loved it. The idea was simple, but the execution made it amazing. The show is gripping and intense save for some scenes of comic relief by the supporting characters and their back and forth banters. Each episode the Ghost Hunters team is called to a location by either a concerned home owner or the owner of a business that has had numerous paranormal sightings or incidents. Once called in, the two lead investigators, Jason and Grant, take a tour of the area, noting particular hot spots of activity for static camera placement later on. Then the team gets to work placing cameras and unrolling hundreds of yards of extension cables to adequately cover the whole place. After going ‘lights out’ the teams begins investigating by asking questions and setting up simple tasks for the ‘ghosts’ to perform.

Now, there are a lot of reports of the show ‘faking’ it’s evidence, and although some things are almost too good to be true, most of it genuinely startles you and makes even the biggest skeptics question themselves. I have a healthy belief in it, but also take it for what it is, great entertainment and an amazing show offered by many of the direct tv packages.

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