Skydiving Lessons for Father’s Day

24 Jun

Guest post from Jane Roland

Skydivingis something that my husband has always wanted to do, so I purchased lessons for him for Father’s Day. I have two older teenagers who I know would love to spend the day skydiving and thought this would be something perfect for them to enjoy doing together. I ordered the session online after surfing the net with my satellite internet Richmond.

The first dive is usually a tandem dive, so they will all be attached to a professional. They get an hour or two of instruction and then go up to dive. I am unable to do it because of health reasons, so I am going to spend the day getting a spa treatment in the city.

I also have a nice lunch and dinner planned for all of them before and after the dive. Although, I don’t know if they will want to have a full stomach before a dive. The best part of the day will be the before and after pictures I’ve asked the owner to take over the phone.

I plan on making a scrap book of the whole day for my husband to remember well after our kids leave home. I think it is important for all of them to do something adventurous together while the kids still are around every day. This should also make them a lot closer because they are able to overcome being nervous together.

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