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Boogle Me

6 Jul

It’s Boogle time! Thanks to MommyW for hosting this meme. I only came up with a few words. This week is kind of hard….lol! Me Thursday


Bathroom Supplies & Accesories

5 Jul

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Nostalgia: College Diploma

1 Jul

It’s another fun Thursday once again! It’s Nostalgia time. Thanks to sis Rose for creating this nostalgic meme. My entry for this week is my College Diploma.

This is not the original diploma. The original one is in the Philippines. My mom won’t allow me to bring the original one. She said, “It’s my pride and joy to hang it on my wall, so don’t take it. I paid for that!” Whoaaaaa..shame on me! lol…..:) Well, the smart thing I did was I made a copy for it! She can keep the original…lol!

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Wordless Wednesday

30 Jun

A proud USAF wifey. Let’s Support Our Troops!

Installing a Dishwasher

30 Jun

My neighbor Darren Dufner is the author of this guest posting

Recently, I decided it was time to get a new dishwasher. I headed down to the sears kitchen remodel service store and was overwhelmed with the options. Nonetheless I ended up picking one out and bringing back home. I got all my tools around and was ready for the install. First, I had a hard time taking the old dishwasher out. However, after I ruined part of the trim on my counter top, i was able to remove it.

After the old dishwasher was removed, it was time to put the new one in. I checked out my plumbing parts and realized quickly that I was missing an adapter. I got back into my car and headed down to the local hardware store where I purchased the adapter. I then proceeded to struggle with the installation for hours. I finally felt like I had it hooked up right and went to test the unit. It operated very loudly. At that point I called an acquaintance who is a plumber.

Thank god he came over. I had the unit installed correctly but it was out of level. We quickly leveled the unit and had it working. Its amazing how one little thing can make a unit work improperly. I’m quite a handyman myself, but there is nothing like having a professional to help do the work.

Mommy & Me Monday: Sun Protection

28 Jun

It’s Mommy and Me Monday once again! Thanks to Krystyn for hosting this awesome meme. This week’s theme is “promoting safe sun protection and skin cancer awareness; including, wearing hats, sunglasses, putting on sunscreen, playing in the shade, etc.”
Here’s my entry for this week. Photo was taken a week ago (via Southwest Airlines). Getting ready for take off from Vegas to California.

Nostalgia: Gold Necklace

24 Jun

It’s another fun Thursday once again! It’s Nostalgia time. Thanks to sis Rose for creating this nostalgic meme. My entry for this week is a necklace. It’s  the first necklace I got from hubby. He gave it to me on my 24th birthday. One thing that makes the necklace even more special is the locket. Inside the locket is hubby and Akesha’s picture. Sweet!

Since I am not really into gold, I barely wear the necklace. But pretty soon when Akesha is old enough to take care of things, I will give it to her and will replace the pictures inside.

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