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Boogle Me!

24 Jun

It’s my first time to join Boogle Me Thursday hosted by MommyW. I hope I am doing the right thing….lol!

Boggle Me Thursday

Words I came up with…sorry am not a brainmaniac…lol!

Skydiving Lessons for Father’s Day

24 Jun

Guest post from Jane Roland

Skydivingis something that my husband has always wanted to do, so I purchased lessons for him for Father’s Day. I have two older teenagers who I know would love to spend the day skydiving and thought this would be something perfect for them to enjoy doing together. I ordered the session online after surfing the net with my satellite internet Richmond.

The first dive is usually a tandem dive, so they will all be attached to a professional. They get an hour or two of instruction and then go up to dive. I am unable to do it because of health reasons, so I am going to spend the day getting a spa treatment in the city.

I also have a nice lunch and dinner planned for all of them before and after the dive. Although, I don’t know if they will want to have a full stomach before a dive. The best part of the day will be the before and after pictures I’ve asked the owner to take over the phone.

I plan on making a scrap book of the whole day for my husband to remember well after our kids leave home. I think it is important for all of them to do something adventurous together while the kids still are around every day. This should also make them a lot closer because they are able to overcome being nervous together.

Mommy & Me

24 Jun

I’ve been meaning to join Mommy & Me Monday meme for a few weeks now, but I haven’t got a chance to participate. So anyhow, this is my first time to join Mommy & Me Monday.
A week before we went to Las Vegas, hubby and I decided to go to a strawberry patch to get some strawberries. It took us forever to find the place and even the GPS can’t find it….lol!

Akesha had a blast picking strawberries for the first time.

This place is totally fresh and totally organic. You can eat as many as you want while picking your strawberries.

Mommy and Me Monday at   Really, Are You Serious?

Reliable and Experience Personal Injury Lawyer

23 Jun

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They will not only help you ensure that you can get an appropriate treatment for your condition, but they also make sure you will get a replacement motorbike and that your insurance claim is processed as quickly as possible. You will receive 100% of your motorbike injury compensation with no deductions.

The website will give you a free consultation, and pay nothing unless you win. So if you need a reliable and experience personal injury claims lawyer, you should visit today. What are you waiting for?

Nostalgia: College Graduation

17 Jun


I am taking this opportunity right now before my internet connection get disconnected…lol! Here’s my Nostalgia entry for this week.

It was 6 years ago when I graduated from college and got my degree in Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting at Liceo de Cagayan University. It was an uplifting moment. What a relief! At that time I don’t have any idea what journey I’m heading….until I found myself working at a government office in our town. I was an accounting clerk for 10 months… and after that I moved here in the US of A to settle down and build a  family with my loving husband. It was year of 2004 where I accomplished the 3 significant events of my life.
1. March, 2004 – Graduated from College
2. June, 2004 – Got a job
3. December, 2004 – Got married

Isn’t that weird? hehhehe….:) Indeed…life is very interesting! For more inspiring and interesting Nostalgic stories or would like to join us, just hop on and click the button above.

Take Safety into Consideration During Summer

15 Jun

The author of this guest post is Margaret Gerber

Summer can be a very dangerous time. Regularly setting a home security alarm CLICK HERE is not enough to stay safe. For starters, the summer sun can cause extreme damage if protection is not taken. Everyone should make sure to wear sunscreen and apply sunscreen to children and hairless pets before going outside into the harsh sunlight. To much exposure to direct sunlight can lead to dry, aged-looking skin and even cancer. At the very least, one can easily contract a painful sunburn from only a few hours in the sun during the heat of the summer season.

Another tip to stay safe during the summer is to drink at least eight glasses of water per day and to stay out of direct heat for long periods of time. The intense heat that accompanies summer can lead to dehydration and exhaustion very easily. Many people forget to hydrate when visiting a theme park or participating in other fun outdoor activities. This can lead to lose of vision, losing consciousness and worse. And many times, the person is unaware anything is wrong until these systems are actually experienced. This is a very dangerous situation that can easily be avoided by making sure to take the proper precautions.

Summer is a fun and exciting time for everyone, whether they be children on vacation from school or adults relaxing at the beach, but it can turn deadly if safety isn’t taken into consideration.

Recycled River Tube

15 Jun

If I’m not mistaken, this dress is made from recycled river tubes. Isn’t it beautiful?! I thought it’s pretty nifty!